Why choose us? What sets us apart from the other tour companies?

  • We only offer private sightseeing tours.
  • We pick you up and drop you off directly from/to your hotel.
  • We use the high speed train to avoid traffic congestion and get places the fastest, while conveniently travelling, thus allowing more time for your visit.
  • Local knowledgeable guides will provide immense valuable information about the places you visit and allow you to feel the french way of life first-hand.
  • You have the option of online booking with payment on arrival, as well as the option to cancel if circumstances necessitate it.
  • We are the only company to offer the stunning and magical shrine LOURDES as a day-trip from Paris.
  • We don't break the bank! Our prices are very affordable and comparable to most of the larger group tours but without the inconvenience of being grouped with a lot of people.
Whether you travel alone, with your partner, family or friends, our trips are tailored to making you have a great experience with your closest people. That way we’ll follow your pace and consider what you like to see and are interested in.

Travel Planner Independent is above all a human adventure made of meetings and exchanges. Eight hours round trip by bus to visit Mont Saint Michel, for example, is more a pain than a pleasure. We prefer trips by train to avoid the inevitable traffic jams at the gates of Paris and for more comfort. My team and I are very attentive to make this day spent with us the most enjoyable possible.

Olivier – Manager



Olivier is the face behind Tour Planner Independent. He has an independent and adventurous spirit that makes him perfectly suited to the travel industry. He has lived in several countries, including Thailand and the US(San Francisco). He was one of the first tour-operators in the 80s to work with Chinese authorities to bring European customers in remote Chinese provinces at a time, where China was still closed for the foreigners. Olivier has worked as tourist consultant in the Channel Island’s Jersey for 15 years. In the beginning of year 2000, he set up a small chain of boutique hotels in Paris and launched Travel Planner Independent. Outside of travelling, Olivier has a passion for horse back riding and more particularly endurance racing. Interestingly enough, when he was younger he was afraid of horses but grew up to overcome his fear and substitute it with love. Thus his motto best describes him: “Don’t be afraid BUT face your fears in order to overcome them!”


Tour Guide
Alban works with Olivier daily to make sure tourists have incredible experience. He is the Burgundy expert as this is where he lives and what he loves. Alban studies engineering and has worked on oil platforms around the world when he realized this was not where he wanted to be at in his life and make a change. He was drawn to the idea of showing and talking to people about Burgundy and welcoming them as you would a dear friend. Tours in Burgundy became his specialty and you could not get a better local guide who could give you his passion and love for this beautiful region of France. His moto that best describes him: "Life is most of all FOR sharing"