Where is Lourdes?

Lourdes is in South France at the foothills of Pyraneus mountain range, 840 km south of Paris.

What is Lourdes famous for?

Lourdes is a famous shrine famous for the sighting of Divine Mary and the healing spring water.

How long does it take to get to Lourdes from Paris?

It takes 4 hours with the high-speed train.

How far is Lourdes from Paris?

Lourdes is 840 km south of Paris.

What is the best time to visit Lourdes?

Based on weather, the best time on April 30th through October 21st.

How do I get from Paris to Lourdes?

You can either take the high-speed train, which takes you to Lourdes in 4 hours or go by airplane from Paris.

What do we visit in Lourdes in a day?

You visit the grotto of the apparitions of Virgin Mary and the Sanctuary.

Do you have a guide during our day trip in Lourdes?

Yes, when you book your tp-independent.com day trip to Lourdes, you are taken care of from your arrival to the train station to your return a few hours later.

Is it possible to visit Lourdes as a day trip from Paris?

Yes, thanks to the high speed train you can go to Lourdes for a day from Paris.