Where is Mont Saint Michel?

Mont Saint Michel is located in a bay with the highest tidal coefficient in Europe, on the border between Brittany and Normandy in northwest France and is 370 km west of PARIS.

What is Mont Saint Michel famous for?

Mont Saint Michel is the second most visited attraction after Paris, famous for being a tidal island Mount and a monastery and a little town all in one with an amazing Romanesque Abbey at the very top, surrounded by fortification walls.

How far is Mont Saint Michel from Paris?

Mont Saint Michel is almost 225 miles or 362 kilometers from Paris.

What is Mont Saint Michel?

Mont-Saint-Michel is one of the wonders of the world. The history of Mont Saint Michel begins in 966 when a community of Benedictines takes over the rock island, on which an abbey is built.

Is Mont Saint Michel an island?

Mont-Saint-Michel is an island only during a high tide.

How do you get to Mont Saint Michel from Paris?

Most of the tours propose a day-trip to the Mont St-Michel by the road. It means more than 8 hours in a coach or a minivan. We suggest you to take the TGV (High Speed Train) and stop in RENNES where you can easily reach the Mont Saint-MICHEL in less than one hour.